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Tickets for the balls on 15 and 16.02, as well as all dance workshops, are sold out.
If you would still like to buy those, we can only suggest watching the posts in the event on Facebook – it is possible that someone will be forced to resell a ticket:


The organizer does not mediate in this kind of sales. You don’t need to inform us if you sell your ticket to someone.

The entry for the before party at 14.02 is free and doesn’t require any registration, however, the number of spots is limited. After the limit is reached, the organizer may refuse to grant admission.

* The reduced rates – if the full price would be a reason not to come for Lovembal, you can choose the reduced rate. It’s up to you to decide. Please note it is only available in presale.

You should know that the festival is run non-profit – all the fees are covering the costs of the artist, teachers, venues, taxes and other costs directly tied to the festival production. All the organizers work as volunteers and sadly our association doesn’t receive any funding. 

If you can spare a dime more for the regular price, please consider doing so. It will keep us calmer when we’re preparing the event for You!